Customs declaration form

If your consignment is a Non-Document (parcel) you will need to follow export procedure and include a Customs Declaration Form. It is a requirement that this be printed on your A4 company letterhead.

To produce a Customs Declaration Form simply fill out the form below, click the print button, sign and attach to your item along with your Post Haste International Consignment Note.

You are required to provide 4 copies of this form with your consignment, please ensure you keep a copy for your records. Remember it is a customs requirement that the declaration be printed on your company letterhead and the declared value of your item must match the declared value indicated on your consignment note.

If you have any questions regarding this form please contact the International Help Desk on 0800 828 106, or email

The below form must be completed in full where applicable for your item to travel.

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Customs Declaration Form

Please declare the contents of your goods

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I declare the contents of this consignment as highlighted above are verified, that they have not been tampered with by any other person since packing and that they have been conveyed in a secure manner to these premises. I declare that all information herewith is accurate and is a true and correct record of the contents begin shipped on the commercial invoice/customs declaration. I also declare that the consignment does not contain any hazardous material.

Note: After printing this form you will need to manually print your name, date and sign it before attaching to your item.